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Lockport, New York | Man Seeking A Woman

Basic Information

First name
I Can Speak
I Would Describe Myself As
Friendly, kind, sensual, extremely inteligent, quick learner, easy going, level headed, good emotional control, curious, hard working work 2 jobs, lazy, witty, funny, happy, positive, disciplined, very athletic play multiple sports mostly hockey snowboarding, nature and animal lover, multitalented, DIY, self sufficient, compassionate, rational, mature, not selfish, not egotistical, messy, dirty, sometimes over talkative if you couldn't tell by the length of this superparagraph I wrote. introspective, avid learner/self improver,,very health conscious, forgetful, absentminded, mentally strong, loyal, committed, responsible, good with money, open minded, experimenter, social but need alone time, homebody, goofy, silly, laugh easily and like to keep things light, not bored easily and often enjoy doing mundane things in moderation.im a good communicator open book honest no secrets i will talk about anything and like talking a little about everything. Not into fashion mostly wear jeans and plain colored t shirts/hoodies, my needs are simple, i like things that last i throw things out when they can no longer be used not because they are old or out of style, Other Interest include reading non fiction mostly health and ecology. i have a slight book addiction somewhere around a 1000 books ive read most of them. Love the outdoors nature gardening, watching things grow, walking barefoot in the garden, digging in the soil with my hands, breeding my own vegetables, meditating, watching tv, making things. Eastern philosophies, eastern and natural medicine, herbs including weed which helps keep my migraines supressed. Also as a side note my migraines can be pretty bad migraines almost all food related. I'm on a ridiculously restrictive diet so travelling is extremely difficult and eating out is out of the question. Some patience and understanding of migraines required. I lose several hours and some times entire days every week they are improving but have a long way to go. There's more, but that's probably enough. hope you like reading, sorry if you dont

Appearance & Situation

My Body Type Is
My Height Is
5' 10 (1.78 m)
My Eyes Are
My Ethnicity Is
My Marital Situation Is
I Have Kids
I Want Kids
My Best Feature Is
Body Art
Visible Tattoo
My Hair Is
I Have One Or More Of These
Cat, Dog
Willing To Relocate

The Farmer In Me

What kind of tractor do you prefer?
Not sure not enough experience
What does your farm mostly consist of?
Why is dating a farmer better?
Everything I grow and eat is organic and tastes so much better than the organic at the store
Do you own a farm or work on someone else's?
I own it
How important is it that your partner is also a farmer?
Not at all.
How big is the farm you work on?
It's not a farm I have 40 acres I just grow food for my self fruit veggies chickens. pretty serious about growing my own food. Grow about 75% of what i eat


My Education Level Is
University Degree
My Current Employment Status Is
My Speciality Is
Medical / Health
My Job Title Is
I Make This Much In A Year
$60,000USD To $74,999USD
I Live
With Roomate(s)
At Home
Friends Come Over Occasionally
I'm A Smoker
I Drink


My Social Behavior Is
Reserved, Observant, Friendly, Comedic, Outgoing
My Interest And Hobbies Are
Religion / Spirituality, Exercising, Reading, Sports, Learning, Music, Tv, Movies, Internet, Gardening
My Idea Of A Great Time Is
Hanging Out With Friends, Staying At Home, Trying New Things, Relaxing, Sleeping, Reading A Book, Tv, Going To A Museum
My Friends Describe Me As Being
Friendly, Obscure, Goofy


My Religion Is
Buddhist / Taoist
I Attend Services
My Political Views Are
I Don't Like Politics
My Goal In Life Is
To retire so i can relax and spend more time enjoying the things i like to do. someone to share them with and for them to share their interests with me
My Kind Of Humor Is
Campy, Clever, Dry / Sarcastic, Friendly, Goofy, Obscure, Slapstick, I Never Laugh


On Tv, I Always Watch
News, Cartoons, Documentaries, Instructional, Movies
When I Go To The Movies, I Always Go To See A
Action, Science Fiction, Comedy, Horror
When Listening To Music, I Always Listen To
Country, Rap, Rock, Metal, Electronic, Pop, Classical, Jazz, Punk
When I Read, I Always Read
News, Health, History, Home & Garden, Instructional, Nature, Philosophy, Reference, Science, Technical
My Idea Of Fun Is
Not what you do but who you do it with. I can have fun doing the worst most disgusting things with the right people

Looking for

What Do You Find Attractive?
Wit, Flirtatiousness, Oddities, Great Skills, Humor, Thoughtfullness, Intelligence
What Do You Look For?
Someone with similar interests and qualities that I listed for myself. Most important are being and eating healthy, some form of meditation for mental health. I spend about about 2hrs a day doing Taoist chi gong. Likes Growing things, nature animals, down to earth no drama easy going, not afraid to get dirty with clean dirt of course no chemicals, good self esteem. Love and respect for yourself and others. Very inteligent, likes to talk about intellectual things. Lifetime learner, kind, warm, funny. Uses humor to deal with stress and bad situations. Able to laugh at yourself. Someone willing to compromise and work through disagreement in a mature emotionally controlled manner, definitely not perfect at that one myself. One who cares and loves deeply. Generally positive and mentally stable
Athletic and plays sports would be nice but not required
Also would like to get to know you first before starting anything intimate. looking for long term relationship and want to know what I'm getting into first
What Kind Of Relationship Are You Seeking?
Intimate, Committed