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Adelaide, Australia | Woman Seeking A Man

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I am a warm and calm person who enjoys the simple things in life. I might give you a bit of cheek, and keep you on your toes. And I always see the best in people and in every situation. There really is a silver lining to everything for me, and beauty in everything that goes pair shaped .

I do not open up to many people, it takes time for a man to win me over - and it has only happened a few times in the past. But I can feel that I am at that right place in life and ready to let a man win me over and open my heart up to him.

I was trained as an opera singer, my work has been as a piano teacher, have dabbled in science and architecture, love to be involved and active on a country property - I am not very strong and can’t dig post holes with you - but I give everything a fair crack!

I am a curvy size twelve with a bit of coosh on my toosh and privately I am a deeply passionate and sensual woman with the right man.

As a partner, I am very devoted, adoring and look up to and cherish a good man. I am loving, supportive and kind, and also very sharp and swift to kick someone in the proverbial if they step out of line.

I bit more about me - I grew up in rural SA and was in Sydney for many years and have settled back in this year. I have perhaps the cutest cocker spaniel to ever exist, and am financially and asset independent.

It’s difficult to know what to write about what I’m looking for. He is most likely the man in any room that always has the greatest character and integrity. Can weather any storm for himself and everyone around him, and deep down is a real softie that very few people see. He is most likely one of the most well respected men within his family, friends and greater community. His word is his bond and he will never let anyone down. Someone who wants a strong woman by his side and also likes the softer side of a mush ball sweetheart that sometimes needs a set of strong arms to know that everything is going to be ok.

I think if you see something in what I am writing, and think it strikes a chord with you, and are at a place in life where you want a good woman by your side - you may very well be the man I would like to meet.

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5' 5 (1.65 m)
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